We have professional technical equipment and we provide variety of services connected with our products.

Pre-production preparation

On project documentation we work with CAD programs, SOLID WORKS program and graphical programs as COREL etc.

Metal fabrication

Our equipment allows us making welded aluminium and steel construction with its sheathing. We can produce signs which will have different sizes, for example panels about dimensions 16 x 3m.

Our machinery:

  • Press Brake 3m
  • Motorized sheet metal shear 3 m
  • Welding shop
  • Automatic bender for Aluminium sheets for productions of letters, cutting and bending of material.

Plastic products

We realize formatting and grooving DiBond sheets and bending and bonding plexiglass letters and signs


  • Sizing saw 4x2 m
  • Milling plotter 3x2 m
  • Vacuum press 1,5 x 1,2 m

Powder paint shop

We have paint shop of size 1,7 x 2 x 4,45 m for varnishing.

Foil graphics

We provide plotting of foils of width 1.2 m and their sticking on the specified materials.

Milliken a Sign-Tech technologie

These technologies we use for tension of foils on panels, letters, signs and another types of products, which are bigger, for example for awning. In this way, we produce an illuminated front surface without joins.

Transport and instalation

We have our own transport and sufficient amount of installation capacity also with scaffolding and everything needed for self-acting assembly group.

If you are interested, how illuminated or non-illuminated signs are made, look at our gallery.

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